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Learn how to identify the spirit of witchcraft, know its characteristics and overcome its influence.

Opening the barren womb. There are some things that have been supernaturally shut by the Lord and we need His prophetic strength and anointing to open.

Understanding what The Father is doing in this season of your life. Many are not quite sure what The Lord is doing, but they do know He is doing something.

Bringing God's people back to the foundation and rooting out the system of Babylon.

What is a curse? A curse is the result, reward or recompense for a deed done by one on or against another. The curse does not come without a cause,…

Is the blood of your house? This is a biblical teaching on "The true meaning and observance of the Passover versus the myths of easter.

Seeing through your wilderness experience as opportunities not obstacles. They are just detours on your direct route to your goal.

The beginning of sorrows...but the end is not yet! Learn to be alert and overcome perilous times by knowing the truth.