Rediscovering & Restoring the Kingdom I

You must understand that Yahshua did not come to establish a Church, a Religion or an Organization, but He came to establish the “Kingdom of God”. He came to bring the domain of Heaven to Earth. But instead of His body building the Kingdom, they have allowed the system of the world and the system of religion to take the place of the Kingdom. It’s time to: “Rediscover & Restore the Kingdom!” This series is about a King, his Kids and the Kingdom.

Explore with us the lost treasure ALL MEN are searching for: “The Pearl of Great Price”, the KINGDOM!

In Module I Apostle Ingram develops the idea that we have gained religion, but have lost the fundamental truth Yahshua came to deliver: that the Kingdom was at hand. Inspired by his mentor Dr. Miles Munroe, he teaches that you will never find your purpose in life until you find yourself in the Kingdom, because it’s in the Kingdom that your purpose has been determined in the mind and will of Elohim. With all that man has achieved, he still has not been able to dominate his environment. With all his (man’s) creations, he has not been able to recognize the Creator. In his (man’s) attempt to rule he (man) has enslaved. But it’s not until man recognizes his Creator, will he discover his reason for being here.

Therefore, rediscover who you are and why you’re here and let the Creator restore you to your rightful place.