Overcoming Perilous Times

In this hour the spirits of error, deception and seduction are on the rise at an alarming rate. It is no accident that “false prophets” and those imposing as “apostles” are being exposed. God warned us in His word that this hour would come and to be on guard against this “wave” of false teachings, false doctrines, and those posing as the ministers of God. As I continue to travel, meet and converse with leaders I see that there is a need for God’s seasoned apostolic voices to sound the alarm in the Spirit about this new emerging “move” that is masking itself as God but in actuality it is self exalting, self glorification, self promotion, self righteous and self serving!

With each new generation that God brings on the scene there are Kingdom truths that must be revealed and taught. Along with revelation that is being released there will also be an increase of false teaching to attempt to distract from the truth. This is a hot topic of debate behind the scenes that needs to be exposed so that the people of God may examine the scriptures for themselves in order to not be led astray.