Opportunities not Obstacles

My friend I’m sure if you look at various challenges that have arisen in your life, you can see where there were possibilities for new opportunities rather than seeing the obstacle as the end of the line.

In addition to choosing the mindset of seeing obstacles as opportunities and not letting them irritate and stop you, it’s also important that you don’t deny that they’re there and try to ignore them or go around them. So the first step then would be to accept the problem or challenge. Anything else, like denial, resistance, suppression, anger, attack, or ignoring it will keep you stuck. Consider this new way of looking at life’s detours and see where you can find opportunities in your obstacles. It will not only make a difference in the results of your endeavors, but you will have a much brighter attitude and therefore attract lots of great opportunities to you. You just have to be aware, accept, and be willing to choose! It’s always up to you.