God is Up to Something

At this ministry we have been putting our heads together with a few insightful prophetic people on this topic and have concluded one thing’s for sure… we are in for something monumental in the coming days, we are not quite sure what the Lord is doing but we know that He is up to something. I personally believe that He is withholding the details to himself because in times past the enemy has gotten a hold of the plan of God and used it against the saints, but in this season the Lord is only revealing to us what we need to know when we need to know it and not before. Go to the place the Father has determined for you from the foundation of the world…your body connection!

Now, I am not saying that I have all the answers yet, but things are still being revealed, but if I could, I would like to attempt to compose the meaning of this year into a sentence…

This year (season) the Creation plus God will begin walking together in divine favor uninfluenced and invincible as the Lord’s divine completeness and the Glory of God Grace’s and its multiplying influence on the Glory of God as it manifests openly and fills the Earth. The believer will be Satisfied, matured, and completed with a spiritual perfection, through the completed work of the Holy Spirit. This will bring the perfection of Divine order to and for the Children of Promise or God’s election of grace, which will signify perfect spiritual order carried out with all spiritual power and significance. Both spirit and order are greatly emphasized. There will be a Maturity that rests on the Children of promise who walk in a complete understanding of their election of grace.