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Leadership Introduction

Leadership Introduction is a prerequisite to the 12-week "Called & Separated to Serve" leadership course and is designed to help you identify your leadership potential.

The goal of the course is to assist you with the initial identification and fortification of the God-given leadership abilities and potential existing in oneself, and to direct that potential toward the purpose of God for the betterment of one's own personhood, family, ministry and community.

This introduction will access your initial desire, commitment and perseverance before embarking on the year-long commitment to the full leadership course. The course can last in duration for a long as the facilitator deems it necessary to access and develop your leadership potential. Course work and assignments may be lengthened or shortened as deemed necessarily appropriate.

Students must successfully complete this introductory prerequisite course with an 80 percent or better in order to enroll in the 12-week Leadership Development Course.

Instructor:  B Ingram
2017-02-25 / 10:00 am

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  • B. Alexander Ingram6-11-2017

    This is the best leadership program I have ever attended.

    Thank you Dr. Ingram!

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