Living and Operating in Employed Faith

B.A. Ingram, Author

An explosive journey of faith, hope and victory, ``Living and Operating in Employed Faith`` shares the remarkable journey of an individual challenged by God to re-learn the true meaning of faith by walking in a lifestyle of unquestionable obedience. In this book you will be challenged, encouraged and inspired.

I assure you, this is one book you will want to read, and reread, finding it difficult to put down. Available for immediate download now on Kindle eBook at Purchase your copy today! The paperback edition is also available for ordering now and shipped with standard 2-day Amazon prime shipping.

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About Living and Operating in Employed Faith

``Living and Operating in Employed Faith`` is a journey of rediscovery and reeducation of faith. This book is written as seen through the life and process of a man of God seeking to understand what the Word of God has decreed living in obedient faith is as seen through the life of Christ. For three years, Father Yahweh has taken B.A. Ingram on a journey to live and walk in faith through a process of unquestionable obedience. Throughout this walk of obedience, the Father has revealed to me, “Faith is the key that unlocks the door, action is the work that keep them open, testing is the method or process used to activate our faith and obedience is the missing ingredient necessary to release our Faith; therefore, Faith is not what we do, but who we are``!

If you have ever wondered what it is like to live in faith-filled unquestionable obedience, then come experience this journey with me as I build a case to discover that faith is not in the things you have, but in whom you are, faith is a lifestyle! I believe this book is God inspired, and does not claim to have all the answers, but seeks to provide a source of encouragement and inspiration to those striving to live and walk a daily life of faith. A life filled with obedience to the will of The Heavenly Father.

Throughout the book I share life examples, testimonies, struggles, failures, and victories as a part of my journey in order to help readers understand the process Father uses to help us grow, live, and operate in obedient faith. I believe you will be inspired, challenged, and convicted to elevate your natural mind to receive and activate the measure of faith the Father has already deposited in you. Purchase your copy today and begin your journey or rediscovering faith as a lifestyle of obedience and blessing. Enjoy!

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Written with Love

This work is lovingly dedicated to all those who are battling with operating at the level of faith necessary to accomplish things in your life. It has been a work in progress as I watched these principles grow, live, and operate in me over the years. Your struggles are a proving ground for faith to release the things of God He has for me and you. So do not give up, you are almost to your journey's end.

Erase your Fears

Fear still lives in us all, but we must learn how to be free from every fear the enemy uses to grip us and keep us from walking in obedient faith. You must not continue to let fear hinder you from moving forward because the result will keep you from activating and consistently operating in your faith. Fear is a false reality that brings obliteration to dreams. Let this book help you take the first step out of fear today.

Learn New Things

As difficult as it seems at times, operating in faith is not optional, it is necessary! Throughout the book I challenge how you view faith and introduce ways to expand your thinking. There are three things I believe you will need to know and remember on this journey of faith, if you are to continue your walk in obedience with God. They are the Will of God, the Word of God, and the Way of God.

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In Living and Operating in Employed Faith, (eBook $9.99, Paperback $21.99 author B.A. Ingram taps his 30 plus years of salvation to outline obedience strategies tailored for those struggling or questioning their walk of faith. This work of personal testimonies, life examples, and victorious outcomes is detailed during three-years of processing and lessons learned to produce an effective outreach tool that will inspire and bless you in your walk with God. The book has been experiencing phenomenal success since its releases; therefore, purchase a copy, or two today!

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This book will strengthen your walk and challenge your view on faith.

I have learned “Faith is the key that unlocks the door, giving assess to God, and action is the work that keeps the door open. Testing is the method and process used to measure where we are and unlocks Faith. Therefore, Faith is not what we have, or what we do, but who we are! Consequently, the missing Ingredient to living and operating in a lifestyle of employed faith is unquestionable obedience.” - B.A. Ingram

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What readers are saying about "Living and Operating in Employed Faith".

Apostle B uses this phase “The reeducation of faith” and does an excellent job of describing the dealings of God and how He cuts out a course or path that we have to walk through that may challenge everything we have heard and learned about God. The beauty contained in the chapters ahead provides us with Godly wisdom that will help us come to a greater understanding of how faith is developed in us. I truly believe that this book is timely and allows us to share Apostle B’s experiences in his faith journey. As you read this book may it encourage you all the more to walk by Faith and not by Sight!

Ron Hairston, Apostle KFICC
Author, Developing Kingdom Mentality

I had the blessed opportunity to edit Living and Operating in Employed Faith. The timing of this assignment, as I respectfully call it, was very divine. Reading it from a place of faith made the words jump off the pages and speak directly to me. There are levels to being faithful. There are levels to living. One thing is for certain, when you are grounded in God’s truth and what His word says concerning your life - you are able to activate and employ your faith like never before. It can’t be given to you; it has to be experienced. This book bridges the humanistic gap of knowing and doing in an “easy to digest” manner.

April Lewis, Owner Team Healthy Living
Author, The Missing Piece in Forgiveness


``Living and Operating in Employed Faith`` is a journey of rediscovery as seen through the life and spiritual process of a man of God seeking to understand what the Word of God has decreed faith is as seen in the life of Christ. For three years Father Yahweh has taken B.A. on a journey of re-education in faith by living and walking through a process of unprecedented obedience. Having faith, or the lack thereof is not what you have been told...below are a few quotes I discovered during my process.

  • Chapter 10

    “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable if you truly want what God has for your life.”

  • Chapter 17

    “All the failures of your past mean nothing compared to knowing, obeying, and fulfilling the will of God for your life.”

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During my life, there have been (and on occasion still are) times when I am afraid. The enemy tries to remind me of unpleasant memories from childhood traumas, get me to dwell on personal inadequacies before daunting tasks, and even during our last transition, he brought thoughts of failure and people abandonment. However, I had to come to a place where my fear gave way to faith.

Too many saints are settling for Ishmael (the project) because they do not have the faith (patience, trust and obedience) to wait for Isaac (the promise). I have learned throughout this process that the walk of faith requires obedience even when not doing anything looks foolish! To do something outside the will of God will require human effort to keep and maintain it; that is a project.

Foolishness is thinking God will do it for you the same way he has done it for someone else. Consequently, in such cases we must walk by rule and not by example when it varies from the rule. Not even by those examples which providence has shown to be true, because the Lord may not do it that way again or for you.

B.A. Ingram

B.A. Ingram is the team leader of BA Ingram Ministries and is compassionate about seeing the lives of people transformed through the power of God. With a prophetic mantle that speaks to the realization of the healing and delivering grace of Christ, he delivers a powerful message of restoration, salvation and deliverance.

B.A. holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Systems, Masters in Information Systems, and completed doctoral coursework in Education and Leadership. He is the Dean of S.E.E.D.© University School of Ministry in Columbia, SC. He teaches practical principles in kingdom education and expansion, biblical economics, and believer responsibility using prophetic insights and apostolic governing. Through B.A.'s teachings and mentoring unbelievers and believers alike are fulfilling the realities of walking and living a lifestyle free of bondage's both physically, mentally and spiritually.


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