How you can help promote my Book

A successful book release takes the help of dedicated and supported readers such as you. I need you help to get the word out about my book. For self-publishers book promotion is an integral and crucial part of any works success, as it is through promotion that a book expands its readership and customer base and opens new windows of opportunity. There are many ways you can help to promote my book, and each varies regards to your time, network, and social interactions. Here are just a few ways you can assist me in getting the word out about this awesome book.

Network, network, network. As you attend meetings with other professionals, form mutually beneficial partnerships, and encounter groups of like-minded people tell them about this awesome book you are reading. During your clubs on the Internet, adverting in newspapers and host your radio and TV programs take a minute or two to introduce my book to them. Explain how you came across my book and what it meant to you as you read it. Hand out personal copies to your family, friends, and associates during your networking events who express an interest in getting to know more about how the book inspired you.

Advertise and rely on the power of social networks. During your Television and radio programs run a commercial promoting my book to your broad audience with my website and contact information. You may also invite me to speak on your program. Use the Internet and your social media spaces as social networks have become the new darling of advertising because much of the legwork is being done by dedicated fans, for free. Help me establish a social community of fans who will further advertise by word of mouth, click through promotion. Follow me and subscribe to my channels and social spaces helping me take this book viral.

There is probably more to it, of course, but the idea is to – over time – create major traffic to my site for the book promotion. Help me get to know who the people are, how to contact them, what they talk about, and how I may help them with my writing. Visiting my website they will be able to know what is for sale and for how much, where my future audience is hanging out already, whether it be on my blogs, social communities, forums, etc., and find out information on upcoming releases and special promotions.

I would greatly appreciate any and all assistance you can provide to support and help me spread the word.

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