Why you should buy my Book

It is off the chain accurate for this season! As the author I am biased of course, but I think you should buy my book and read it! Here are a few real and tongue-in-cheek reasons why (in no particular order). Points to those of you who can tell which are which.

  1. It is about a most important topic of our Christian walk – faith, and how we can walk and live in unquestionable obedience to a holy and living God. Without question, in my opinion we need obedient faith more today than we ever have due to the challenges and issues we will face in the coming years here on earth.
  2. We are living in an unprecedented time – wars, rumor of wars, pestilence, earthquake, famine, and the like – so this book will help you gain the courage you will need to live victorious, no matter the outcome of the election, the political party in control, threats of nations against us, or the time of the end.
  3. My cover design is awesome! So you know the content has to be great. 🙂 But honestly, CJ McDaniel of aDazing did an unbelievable job on the cover I am just happy looking at it, and the print version would look lovely on your shelves.
  4. The journey of writing the book has been called a “adventurous ride” and although I spent three years living and operating in the process, it took seven – yes seven – years writing it. Lest you just think I am slow, my life underwent some significant revisions during that time. Stroke, death of both parents, and near business bankruptcy – all of which I was able to walk through victoriously in faith due to the lessons learned and processes endured I outline in this book.
  5. I will not pester you to buy it on Twitter, LinkedIn or any of my other social media sites. At least not more than once a month anyway. 🙂 This is in part because I am just not sure if that works, without your help promoting (How you can help promote the Book), but also because I have lots of great friends on social media platforms and I am pretty sure they only want to hear about my book occasionally. Oh heck, Twitter or LinkedIn pestering might sell books, but I am just not very good at it. Yet!
  6. Those that have read my book in its draft form have really loved “Living and Operating in Employed Faith” because they know my personal testimony and have witnessed this work walked out over the course of my saved life. Some claim once they began reading the book they could not put it down and stayed up all night reading it. They are perhaps being nice, but in my experience people who do not like your book say nothing. They hide behind the broccoli in the grocery store… or they give you a bland toothy smile and talk about sports, the weather, or other events posted on social media.

Okay that is it for blatant self-promotion for me. I might need to go and have some Starbucks or go for a bike ride to recover. Next week it is back to talking about marketing, as I am finishing the website for a book publishing promo and December 24, 2016 release. I am pretty sure I have my finger on the pulse of this whole book industry thing now!

Continue to pray for me.

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