What others say about my Book

On this blog you can read some of the comments of those who have read the book thus far, and please feel free to make a comment if you have read the book as well. However, what many of them do not tell you is that this was not just a book written to sell and make money, but it was a life lesson spent enduring and understanding the process required to walk in unquestionable obedience lived out before them.

Those that have read “Living and Operating in Employed Faith” in its draft form have loved the book because they know my personal testimony and have witnessed this work walked out over the course of my saved life. The information contained in these pages spoke profoundly yo them during their personal walks as well because of where they were in their faith journeys. Some readers claimed that once they began reading the book they could not put it down and stayed up all night reading it. They are perhaps being nice, but in my experience people who do not like your book say nothing, but those that do, they talk about it with others and encourage them to get a copy.

Read their comments, enjoy and write your own.

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