The significance of my Book

I have been asked more than once why I wrote this book and why release it now. Truth be told, several years ago when I sat down to write this book I thought about the same questions and I can remember I did not want to write a book. I did not think I could or that anyone would read what I had to say.Yes, I considered myself a good speaker, but a writer was something different.

However, I was continually encouraged by family, friends, and close colleagues that the lessons I was teaching, educating others concerning, and living out needed to be documented so others could benefit from them.  Little did I know when I accepted the challenge to do so, my life as I knew it would drastically and significantly change. Without spoiling the read for you I will just tell you a little about the significance of this book and its importance. I do not mean to be cruel, but you will have to purchase the book and read it for yourself in order to get the details :-).

I believe the significance of this book resonates from a desire to understand how life could be joyously lived obediently in faith. Now, that may seem strange to understand and make little sense, but as a scholar of the Word of God I have often wondered if how people of the Bible could obediently step out, often without fear trusting in a voice or a visitation from God to do something great. When we read Abram interaction with God in Genesis chapter 12 we learn that in its essence, faith is simply trusting God and obeying.  It is being willing to believe God and His Word even if the outward circumstances appear to contradict what you have heard Him say or promise.  Faith knows that God is true to His Word and that He is good even when only bad things seem to be happening.  It is continuing to believe things will work out for us even though things look differently than expected.

This understanding and revelation would become the premise of the book and the life-lesson I would walk out until this knowledge became a reality in my life. Interesting enough. I had always knew this and lived this truth, however, the application would become the model for the remainder of my life as I daily walked out the principles. The Word of God would not just become a weapon of truth toward the enemy or circumstances in my life, it became a tool I would learn to skillfully wield in my daily battles in life. My prayer is that while reading this book, the Word of God can be that significant for you as well.


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